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Strengthscope Explained

The clearest way to explain Strengthscope Coaching and how it works is like this…

Strengthscope explained

Picture this.

You are a boat and your destination is an island across the water. You have a sail and wind power – as well as a few weak points in the boat, both above and below the water line.

The weaknesses above the water won’t hinder your progress, but those below the water line may have a limiting effect, slowing your progress and interfering with your goal.

Strengthscope is a tool which identifies those key strengths (the wind), the allowable weaknesses (the ones that won’t hinder you) and the limiting weaknesses (those that have the potential to slow your progress and derail you from your course).

This knowledge allows you to utilise your strengths and understand your weak points, adapting your behaviour and responses to keep you sailing on a true course to your intended destination.

By focussing on strengths, the coaching experience is one of positivity and celebration. Which leads to an empowered, energised and engaged coachee and excellent results delivered back into the business or everyday life.

Strengthscope is the only strengths assessment tool recognised by the British Psychological Society and used by established corporations including John Lewis, Citroen, Samsung and Tesco.

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