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Whether your business has employees who are Strengthscope practitioners, and there isn’t enough resource to deliver a Strengths programme at the scale or in the time frame you’d like. Or if you’ve experienced Strengthscope in a previous organisation and you want to run an initial programme in your new organisation to test cultural fit prior to getting employees accredited.

This is where Nic can help.

Working seamlessly as a member of your team, Nic will bring her expertise in when and where it is needed. She can lead the delivery team or simply be an extra pair of expert Strengthscope hands – whatever you need.

1. Debriefs

With a large workforce, the task of delivering the debriefs to everyone can be time consuming, but it is important to give the feedback promptly.

Nic will work with you to take your staff through their debrief, explaining their report and exploring a plan to build on their strengths.

You get the programme rolled out quickly so your team start working to their strengths immediately.

2. Strengthscope 360

Building on the core Strengthscope debrief, Nic can support individuals in understanding how their strengths are perceived by others, how people respond to them and how they can use this insight to increase their effectiveness in the workplace.

Nic will add this additional perspective, using Strengthscope 360 in tandem with your own Strengthscope programme. The result is your business has a comprehensive, strengths-based approach to development from top to bottom.

3. Strengthscope Leader

Strengthscope Leadershows existing and potential leaders what makes them unique, gives them 360° feedback on their leadership style and creates a plan to bring their unique style into their role and increase their effectiveness as leaders.

Nic will bring this additional layer of strengths coaching into your business, creating a powerful strengths-based workforce across the business.

4. Strengthscope Team

When businesses have many diverse teams, they all require their own programme – which can be time consuming.

Nic will work with you and your teams to deliver the powerful Strengthscope team workshops and ensure your teams are working to maximum effectiveness.

5. Leadership Coaching

Nic is also qualified at ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching , which is a powerful asset when combined with the Strengthscope training.

Using the learnings from their Strengthscope training, she can take your leaders through a personalised coaching programme, adding more value to the learnings and insight.

If you need more time, resource or expertise to deliver your in-house Strengthscope training, we can help.

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