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Strengthscope for the Team

Combining individual questionnaire responses with our expertise, we show where and when the team performs to its optimum and where there are weak areas which need managing.

The outcome is a high-performing team who can focus their efforts and skills for maximum effectiveness.

1. Questionnaire

The coachee completes a questionnaire to identify how they rate in 24 possible strengths, with each strength falling into one of four categories – emotional, rational, thinking and execution. Each strength is measured on a scale of one to 10.

The results are amalgamated and the overall team can then be scored.

The scoring also shows how many of the team report that strength, highlighting where strengths are over or under represented.

2. Strengths Profile

The team’s strengths are then shown across the four categories. The simplicity and clarity of the results give a clear picture of the general team profile, as well as invaluable insight into the types of projects that the team may excel at – and how each individual contributes to the whole.

The top scoring areas across the entire team are their Clear Strengths, the strengths which energise and allow the group to deliver their goals.

This powerful profiling gives each member, the group and their leaders the ability to match the task with team and achieve the best results.

3. Significant 7

The 7 top scoring strengths across the team are shown, giving them insight into where and how they can perform to optimum effect and with maximum energy and enjoyment.

4. Potential Energy Drainers

The team will be least effective when a task requires a strength which fewer than 10% of the team possess.

By identifying these areas, the team can plan and mitigate the risk. For example, if they are not strong in decisiveness, they can agree a way to make decisions and prevent projects stalling.

5. Team Strengths Workshop

The final step in the Strengthscope Team assessment is a workshop, which covers the following;

  • What does the Dream Team look like? By identifying the perfect team any strengths gaps can be filled and, if that’s not possible, a strategy for managing these gaps can be devised.
  • What is the team’s purpose and objectives? Clarification will ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction and keep the team focussed on their overall goal.
  • Team strengths debrief. Ensuring all team members know where they are strong and how this can be stretched will maximise the team’s effectiveness. It will also highlight where there is a risk so that mitigating plans can be created.
  • Stepping up. Individuals learn how to show and use their strengths so they can step up to the next level, contributing more to the team and developing themselves.
  • Buddying up. Creating complementary partnerships between team members with different strengths will overcome weaker areas and develop the ‘team multiplier’ effect. It also strengthens the team bonds.
  • Stretching the team to become the Dream Team. Setting stretching goals and objectives for the team gives them a clear route to becoming their Dream Team.


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