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Personal Strengths Coaching with Nic Jackson

Imagine a saxophone player. They love music, they love playing an instrument and they have chosen the sax because – of all the instruments available – it’s the one that gives them immense joy. It lifts their spirits, every single time they play.

As their playing improves, their enjoyment increases.

So in order to improve, they practise.

But they won’t spend time practising guitar chords or piano scales because it’s not where their passion or their abilities lie – and it won’t make them a better sax player. Instead, they focus on building on their existing sax skills and doing more of what gives them pleasure and makes them feel energised – so they work on their embouchure, their breathing and their finger work.

The result is that they become the best saxophone player that they are capable of being, whether that is an enthusiastic amateur or a professional musician.

At Personal Strengths Coaching, we enable everyone to achieve their best – at work and in life.

We can’t teach you to play the sax, but we can help you to play to your unique strengths and make you the best you can be.

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Coaching specialists working to maximise strengths

Personal Strengths Coaching is a coaching business based in the Midlands and operating across the UK.
It was founded by qualified coach and certified Strengthscope practitioner Nic Jackson, who is passionate about getting results by focussing on existing strengths.

Our role is to discover, define and develop our clients’ unique strengths so they become their most powerful tool. We focus on making more of the strengths, because those are the skills that contribute the most – to the individual and the people around them.

We undertake thorough analysis of the individual, present the results in a clear and practical format and create a measurable programme to allow every client to attain their goals.

Other people’s strength is our business.


Making the most of you

Everyone has strengths – and everyone has weaknesses. That is what makes us unique, it’s what creates an effective team, it’s what makes us who we are.

We don’t believe in applying a formulaic coaching model to everyone we work with. We don’t coach by giving everyone the same tools, regardless of their ability to use them.

But we do want everyone to recognise their own, personal strengths and understand how they can be maximised and utilised so they are performing to their optimum.

Whether you are an individual looking to increase your personal effectiveness, or you are responsible for a team and are looking for an effective and measurable way to improve their performance, we can help.

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The Strengths Coaching I have received from Nicola has been second to none. She has been insightful and challenging. Nicola is a patient listener and understands when to question and how to provoke your thinking in a way that is helpful and not intrusive. She has helped me to see that what may appear to be an initial symptom of an issue, is often not the root cause and she enabled me to search within myself to work through what the actual problem statement is.
Esther Goldsworthy
Major Electrical Retailer

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