Communication: Helping You Make and Grow Your Team

As you think about the communication within your team, it’s important to consider individual and team strengths – those things which energise your team. If you haven’t done this work yet, you can find out more about strengths in my blog Strengths Coaching: Coaching Which Stretches You, or get in touch to find out how your team might benefit from Strengths Coaching.

Strengthening your team relies on your people but also on your relationships. Whether you’re bringing in new people or working to improve the performance of those already in place, good communication is key.

Taking Time for Communication to Build Your Teams

Thinking about how you plan to build on the relationships with your team, use this time to decide on an initial approach and recognise what you’re hoping to achieve. While nobody is transparent and you might be wrong in your prediction, this time spent thinking about what you know about the people in your team is valuable.


Regular One-to-Ones

Don’t cancel, it undermines trust

This meeting should be a conversation, going two ways. It’s an opportunity to get to know your team.

  • Check-in – both ways, sharing news on your current situation
  • Talk about each other’s strengths “What energises you?”
  • Updates – get a view of your team member’s progress on tasks and projects
  • Troubleshoot – coach your people through their challenges, what strengths can they use more of to help?
  • Feedback – provide your input and thoughts with a focus on the individual, where have you seen their strengths in action?
  • Celebrate Successes – what part did their strengths play there?
  • Personal Development – talk about the next steps, consider their strengths and interests focusing on the individual not necessarily on role or company needs.

Team Meetings

Consider the individuals in this space, how can you engage people?

This meeting should be an opportunity to share news and build relationships.

  • Updates from team members on their work/projects
  • Updates on team objectives
  • Business updates
  • Celebrate successes and progress – for individuals and the team, where have you seen individuals’ strengths in action?
  • Get to know each other – strengths, interests, and personally
  • Identify opportunities to support each other – buddying up

General Communications

Understanding individual strengths to build your team

Whether it’s emails, chats, or something else, think about who you’re working with and the impact of your message.

  • Ask don’t tell – adopt a coaching style to help people solve their problems
  • Understand their strengths – how are they using them and if they could be using them more?
  • Really listen – actively ask questions, and deepen your knowledge.
  • Stretch them, securely – challenge people, optimise the strengths you have within the team, but be there with support.

Getting the most out of the individuals in your team depends on your knowing them well and communicating effectively. Personal Strengths Coaching can help you support and grow your team.

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