your best future with personal strengths coaching

5 Simple Steps to Your Best Future with Strengths Coaching

You know you could be doing better – working smarter, earning more, or feeling more positive generally.

This is about more than those tips and tricks you see in emails, bigger than the productivity hacks promised through social media; this is about understanding yourself better to get the best out of every day. Surely everybody wants that!

In this article, I’m going to show you how I use Strengths Coaching to support your personal development, particularly how we work together in individual sessions. Hopefully this article will show you how Strengths Coaching could help you.

Is Strengths Coaching the Answer?

In my previous post Coaching Which Stretches You, Growth Which Gives You Energy, we looked at why people choose Strengths Coaching.

In this article, I’m going to explain what the process looks like, so you can see more clearly, how it might work for you.

Anyone who talks to me about personal development will be given some background on my coaching experience and how I help people. For those who are interested in the next steps, we book a Consultation Call.

1. The Initial Consultation

For those who are interested in the next steps, we book a Consultation Call. This call is an opportunity to discuss what Strengths Coaching is and how it can help you, whether it is by increasing your motivation, confidence or problem solving. We then talk about what the next steps are ensuring you understand the process before you agree to going ahead.

2. Your Strengthscope Assessment

Strengthscope is a tool I use to gain insight into your strengths. The assessment is a questionnaire you complete online which explores your thoughts and behaviours in a variety of situations.

3. Your Initial Session…the Strengths Debrief

While it’s important you consider your Strengthscope report before our first session, it’s while working through the report together you’ll gain the insight you need.

Our first session, the Strengths Debrief, will be an opportunity to examine this report – identifying your Significant 7 strengths – and we’ll discuss:

  • The highlights from your Significant 7 including how you might recognise these in your day-to-day performance.
  • Your overall strengths profile including the clusters which your strengths fall into – Emotional, Relational, Execution and Thinking – looking at how this impacts your interactions with other people and the work you do.
  • Each of your Significant 7 strengths, how to stretch them while also avoiding overdrive.
  • The concern or goal you raised for development – throughout the session we’ll consider how your strengths can be used to give you more confidence in this area.

At the end of your first coaching session, we’ll discuss what tasks you are going to undertake to stretch or develop your strengths as well as to move towards the goal you identified.

4. Accountability and Feedback

I’ll follow up after your session to see how you’re getting on with the plans you made. If you have any questions or concerns, we can consider how to move forward with this.

5. Next Steps

Your coaching sessions will continue for as long as they are valuable. In each session, we’ll identify areas of development and work through opportunities for growth.

The Difference – The Future

It really does only take simple steps to understand your strengths better and to identify ways to work with those strengths creating more positive and productive opportunities at work and in all areas of your life.

If you’d like to find out more about Strengths Coaching or how I can help you, I’d love you to Get in Touch.

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