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Strengthscope for the Individual

By combining your individual questionnaire responses with our expertise, we identify your unique strengths.

A personal action plan that gives you a strategy to maximise the positives and manage the negatives.

1. Questionnaire

The coachee completes a questionnaire which identifies how they rate on 24 possible strengths, with each strength falling into one of four categories – emotional, relational, thinking, execution – and measured on a scale from 1-10.

The scores for each strength are then ranked for the individual and also compared to a wider group.

2. Significant 7

The seven top scoring strengths for the individual are their Significant 7. These are the strengths which energise and allow the individual to bring their best to a situation.

3. Bubbling Under strengths

The next highest scoring attributes are the Bubbling Under strengths. Although not the most significant, they still energise and empower and can be employed to help achieve goals.

4. Weaknesses

We also identify weaknesses, which fall into two categories;

Limiting weaknesses are those behaviours and traits which can impinge on an individual’s progress and development and impact their goal. These weaknesses may detract and block progress and so require a strategy to manage.

Allowable weaknesses have no impact on the individual’s goal and so can be left alone.

5. Action Plan

Combining our learnings of the coachee’s Significant 7, Bubbling Under strengths and weaknesses, we use a coaching programme to emphasise and grow their positives whilst also managing the negatives.

We also identify where strengths have the potential to go into overdrive and become a risk, because too much strength can be a problem. But by understanding where the risk lies, it can be managed.

The outcome is a plan that is personal, viable, achievable and useful. And because it is an individual’s plan, not a generic one, it achieves results quicker and in a more positive and meaningful way.

Strengthscope is an incredibly powerful tool for individuals to create an environment for optimum performance.

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