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The Strengths Coaching I have received from Nic has been second to none. She has been insightful and challenging. Nic is a patient listener and understands when to question and how to provoke your thinking in a way that is helpful and not intrusive. She has helped me to see that what may appear to be an initial symptom of an issue, is often not the root cause and she enabled me to search within myself to work through what the actual problem statement is.

It is clear that Nic is from a corporate background and that she gets large companies and how they operate. This makes her coaching relevant and shows she can be in touch with a client base that’s large or small scale.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nicola to any company that wishes to help its colleagues grow and therefore perform to an even higher standard.
Esther Goldsworthy
Major Electrical Retailer
The coaching I have received from Nic has been excellent and had a definite and positive influence on the way I manage a busy finance team.

Nic is patient and understanding and skilfully encourages self-reflection, not just to identify the causes of a problem, but to also what the solutions are. She then works with you to put together a list of simple actions to rectify the issue.

I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to be a better leader or just be better.
Sam Pedder
Major Gas Distribution Company
The coaching sessions with Nic were really helpful and I came away from them feeling really positive and buoyed. Nic is a patient listener and understands where and when to question further to help work through issues. She quickly understood the business and was able to provided relevant, thought-provoking questions that enabled me to work though problems and identify solutions and next steps.

Her insight and questions were both helpful and encouraging, and they gave me the confidence to take actions away and progress. I would highly recommend Nic’s coaching to anyone that wants to progress, or who wants to better themselves or their team.
Jen Burnham
There are many things I LOVED about my coaching sessions with Nic. At first, I found it uncomfortable to “lay my soul bare at her feet” – i.e. share my goals, thereby exposing myself to failure if I did not meet them, and revealing my unacknowledged fears in the process.

This actually proved to be a refreshing, uplifting and freeing experience. The coaching sessions with Nic left me empowered and motivated. By helping me break down my goals into action-oriented chunks, Nic allowed me to achieve more meaningful progress in three months than I had managed on my own in twelve.

And best of all, I now have Nic’s practical techniques for keeping procrastination at bay, day to day. I can still hear her voice encouraging me on my journey and reminding me of my strengths. I am confident that I will pick up the phone for more coaching in the near future, to guide me with my new set of self-imposed challenges.
Ophélie Barbet
Change Aspect.
I found my sessions with Nic not only a positive experience but also insightful. Nic gave me the tools to think things through in a logical and structured way, often the outcomes of our sessions would leave me excited to implement the techniques we had discussed.

Strengthscope is a fantastic tool for highlighting areas that you excel in to help drive projects forward by demonstrating the strengths within our team. Nic was very quick to understand our business and was able to adapt her questions and coaching to fit us all.

I would recommend Nic to any business or individual to help them increase productivity and morale within their teams, and actually those that don’t think they need it will most likely benefit the most.
Marianne Browning
20/30 Labs
I have found the Strengths Coaching sessions invaluable for my fitness franchise.  Time with Nicchas given me the opportunity to reflect on my achievements so far and to focus on the goals ahead.

Nic was very engaging and showed a genuine interest in my small business. She was able to help me to identify the key to my successes and any potential barriers, challenging me to explore the ways to break down those barriers.

My business goals were what drove the sessions, and that made the coaching feel relevant and actions derived from the sessions were timely and achievable.  Follow up support was also offered, and Nic would contact me within the specified time frame, which helped with my accountability.

I would have no reservations in recommending Nic’s services to anyone who wants to explore and optimise their personal strengths, whether that be a leader, manager or small business owner.
Jessica Woods
OneFitMama Wiltshire


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